0、One of the most striking and salutary thing in Ameican life is the widespread study of law. (Alexis de Tocqueville ,French judge) 美国人生活中最显著而又有益的事情莫过于对法律的广泛研究了。(法国法官托克维尔 A)

1、Today must borrow nothing of tomorrow.今日事今日毕。

2、Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.

3、Beggars cannot be choosers.行乞者不得有选择。—— Heywood 希伍德

4、Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful. 可能神要我们在遇到对的人之前先遇上一些错的人,这样当我们遇到生命中真正的人的时候就会更懂得珍惜和感激。

5、He who seize the right moment, is the right man.谁把握机遇,谁就心想事成。—— Goethe歌德

6、We should work be such a significant source of human satisfaction.A good share of the answer rest in the kind of pride that is stimulated by the job , by the activity of accomplishing. (Leonard R.Sayles, British writer) 为什么工作竟然是人们获得满足的如此重要的源泉呢?最主要的答案就在于,工作和通过工作所取得的成就,能激起一种自豪感。(英国作家 塞尔斯。L.R.)

7、The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. ( w. penn) 妒忌者对别人是烦恼,对他们自己却是折磨。(佩恩)

8、We can't all be heroes. somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. (w. roger ) 我们不可能都成为英雄。总得有人在英雄走过的时候坐在路边鼓掌。(罗杰)

9、Light troubles speak; great troubles keep silent. (lucius annaeus seneneca, ancient roman philosopher) 小困难,大声叫嚷;大困难,闷声不响。(古罗马哲学家 尼加 l a)

10、Who judges best of a man,his enemies or himself. 谁能最恰当地评价一个人,他的敌人还是他自己?

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11、Strength alone knows conflict, weakness is below even defeat, and is born vanquished.只有强者才懂得斗争;弱者甚至失败都不够资格,而是生来就是被征服的。—— Swetchine斯威特切尼

12、He is rich that has few wants. 寡欲者富。

13、To be too large for worry,too noble for anger,too strong for fear,and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.足够豁达则不易焦虑,拥有涵养则不易发怒,内心强大则不惧困难,心态开朗则看淡烦恼。

14、One swallow does not make a summer.一燕不成夏。—— Taverner 泰维纳

15、But not all dark places need light, I have to remember that. 但并不是所有黑暗的地方都需要光明,我必须记住这一点。——珍妮特·温特森《橘子不是唯一的水果》

16、no matter what age, the characteristics of young people always embrace the ideals and illusions. this is not anything wrong, but a valuable quality.无论哪个时代,青年的特点总是怀抱着各种理想和幻想。这并不是什么毛病,而是一种宝贵的品质。

17、Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind. 生活只是由一系列下决心的努力所构成。—— T. Fuller 富勒

18、it is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday, today is the hope, but also can become tomorrow’s reality.很难说什么是办不到的事情,因为昨天的梦想,可以是今天的希望,并且还可以成为明天的现实。

19、A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else. 一个人可以失败很多次,但是只要他没有开始责怪旁人,他还不是一个失败者。